About Us

What’s the difference between Lawn Advisors and other lawn care-centered sites? We Provide Personal Care!

Others can care for your lawn, Lawn Advisors care about you, your time, your money, the efforts you put, in addition to caring for your lawn.

Who Are Lawn Advisors?

Lawn Advisors are a Team of Lawn Care Professionals, who took it upon themselves to chase the hardest and most common Lawn Problems, diagnose them, and provide the most time and effort saving solutions to lawn care enthusiasts.

Our team prides itself on using cutting-edge technologies and practices to serve their ultimate goal: provide advice and help solve lawn problems once and for all.

Lawn Advisors Vision

Our Vision includes educating lawn owners, DIYers, and yard-caring individuals on how to treat their lawn in the best manner.

This includes mastering a handful of skills, like diagnosing lawn problems, providing proper lawn care, choosing the most suitable lawn mowers for your lawn, and more!

Ticking step-by-step guides’ boxes is our method of choice to ease our audience’s way towards the aforementioned ultimate goal.

Our Team

Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad started his passion for lawn care at the age of 11, helping his father take care of their lawn as his father needed an extra hand caring for their yard.

Ahmad’s father had more than 20 years of experience in soling lawn problems, and he tutored him to help their neighbors at that very young age of 11 years old.

Ahmad gathered his and his father’s experience, and built on it for 15 more years, and turned them into guides with the ultimate goal in mind.

Hala Zaqqout

Hala had a similar fate being risen by her own grandmother, who had a smaller-sized lawn, and a lot to care for in it.

Imagine having your grandmother help you with everything in your life, and only ask for some lawn-care helping in return. That’s how Hala was raised.

This accumulated for years and years of lawn caring that helped form Hala’s early years with lawn care.