4 Common Dangers of Zero Turn Mowers- 8 Safety Tips

Zero-turn mowers that have a turning radius of zero are a life-saving tool in any garden. It is therefore easier to maneuver than other types of lawn mowers because it can revolve around its own axis without changing its forward direction.

However, this does not mean that zero turn mowers are completely risk-free. You should be aware of the dangers of zero turn mowers before using one, as there are still some.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, riding lawn mowers are responsible for about 70 people’s deaths each year, while a whopping 80, 000 are injured from riding lawn mowers. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are from zero-turn mowers.

For that, Lawn Advisors provided you with the common dangers of zero turn mowers, along with the precautions you should take to avoid these risks. Finally, you’ll find other alternatives to zero turn mowers if you are not sure they are not the best option for use.

Dangers of Zero Turn Mowers Dangerous?

1. Overturning

A z-turn mower has smaller front wheels than rear wheels. Additionally, the machine’s engine is located on the backside. As a result, the back of the mower carries most of the weight.

Additionally, most zero-turn mowers use drum brakes on the back axle. These aren’t as quick as front disc blades, which provide a better and more instant emergency braking system.

This may happen if you turn sharply when driving too fast or if you run into something while mowing. The operator of the mower and anybody nearby could suffer serious harm if the mower tips over.

2. Dangerous Slides when Mowing Slopes

These types of mowers do not handle slopes well. The slopes up to 15 degrees are the only ones where they work best. The machine doesn’t have enough traction on the ground as a result of its design.

So, when driving up or down a slope, even a slight movement to the left or right causes the machine to slide out of the operator’s control.

Whenever you mow, go up and down, never across. Additionally, only turn your machine while it is flat because it may cause injuries for both the operator and anyone in the vicinity.

3. Accidental Cuts

This may happen if someone gets too close to the rotating blades or if the machine operator loses control and the machine accidentally runs someone over.

Obviously, anyone is unlucky enough to be hit by the blades could have very serious injuries as a result.

Accidental Cuts

4. Running over Victims

Finally, these lawnmowers have the potential to run over victims who have fallen while operating them, which is another risk associated with them.

You can reverse-drive some lawn mowers. However, if the operator isn’t keen on checking behind them, especially if there are children, they may run over them, causing serious injury or even death to anyone underneath the machine at the time.

Watch this video below and see how it work and the danger it can cause.

Safety Measures for Operating Zero Turn Mowers

Safety Measures for Operating Zero Turn Mowers

While the best and only way to operate mowers is to be attentive, calm, and patient, there are a few preventative measures to reduce the many dangers of zero turn mowers to a maximum. Here are a few tips that might help:

1. Avoid driving in any high-risk areas, such as those near water or slopes steeper than 15 degrees. This’s because areas near water may be slippery, damp, muddy, or unstable.

2. Avoid driving on high-risk areas such as retaining walls, steeper than 15-degree slopes, and areas close to water. Use them only on firm, flat surfaces that are not damp, muddy, or otherwise unstable. Avoid using them anywhere else.

3. Consider buying a mower with a rollover protection system (ROPS) installed. Fortunately, most products usually come with this, but if your mower doesn’t, you might consider retrofitting one. Many manufacturers agree to a retrofit without extra charges.

4. When there are people around, avoid mowing. You risk a child or even an adult running straight at or behind the mower, putting them in danger of zero turn mower accidents.

5. Never drive them too fast. Although their speed and easy maneuverability are commendable, they frequently lose control when driving at high speeds.

6. Do not forget to wear your seat belt at any cost while driving the zero turn mower. Also, wear earmuffs or earplugs to protect your hearing.

7. To identify the hazards you might face, look over the grass you’re mowing. And, if possible, clear out any obstacles from the ground and make room for the mower.

8. Finally, take time to know your mower and all its features. This will make it easier for you to operate because you’ll know where all of its important safety features are and how to use them if you need to. 

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Alternatives

If you’re not sure that zero turn mowers are the best option for you, there are many to consider. Here are the alternatives:

– Push mowers

– Ride-On Mowers

– Lawn Tractor

– Rotary Mower

– Self-Propelled Mower

All of these are available with different wheel or engine-specified drives, as well as with gas and electricity.

Dangers of Zero Turn Mowers FAQ

To Wrap Up

Just be sure to keep in mind the different disadvantages and dangers of zero turn mowers we have covered before buying.

Did you experience any of these dangers of zero turn mowers? Tell Lawn Advisors in the comments box below. We’d like to hear!

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