Do Ants Eat Grass? Helpful Guide

There’s an obvious misconception that ants feed on grass, creating a mess out of any lawn, and turning the beautiful green sight of the yard into an unsightly place.

But do ants eat grass? Do they literally eat the green leaves and stems to feed on? The answer is Yes and No.

How so? They don’t practically eat the green leaves, but they can force the grass to die indirectly.

In this guide on Lawn Advisors, we’ll talk in-depth about what attracts the ants in the grass, how ants eat grass indirectly, and how to deal with the ants who do so.

Why do Ants Love Lawn Grass?

First and foremost, why would ants get attracted to create their nests on grass or near it? Ants love the soil that’s full of moisture according to Lawn Advisors testing.

It’s a suitable refuge away from predators, while the grass continues to be a reliable source of food made of dead animals/insects.

Which Plants Attract Ants?        

Knowing which plants attract ants should give you a serious indication of the potential of having ants creating their nests underneath your soil.

Fruit plants attract ants, as they produce the sweet sugar that’s important for ants, such fruits include bananas, strawberries, and oranges.

Roses, clematis, and penstemon also attract ants but in a different manner.

They attract the aphids, and the aphids produce the honeydew, and which attracts the ants to feed on.

In rare instances, some ants species would feed on the aphids themselves too.

Generally speaking, Lawn Advisors tested what attracts ants, and they are attracted to plants that produce nectar, sweet fruit, and/or have aphids.

Do Ants Eat Grass

Do Ants Eat Grass

Understanding how ants live is a detrimental way of piecing the puzzles correctly on do ants eat grass.

Ants are communal and social insects. They don’t live alone, they only live in masses, around a specific community.

To have a stable life, ants create captivating structures underground, in the process, they dig up the soil they’ve evicted during the construction process.

This dug-up soil is the main reason why ants kill the grass, as they pile up heavily on the grass in masses.

The bottom line is: ants do kill grass/lawns, but not by directly eating the grass, they do it by piling up the dug-up soil in masses that deprive the grass of sunlight and feed.

So? Do ants eat grass? No, but they kill it by creating nests underneath the ground level, creating piles up to 2 feet above the grass, killing it.

Another Indirect Cause of Damage

Ants can be the source of another indirect cause of damage when they feed on the good fungus types that reside at the grassroots.

In any healthy and good-fed lawn, the useful fungus colonizes the lawn’s grassroots.

This fungus helps the root absorb water and minerals more effectively, making the lawn continue to be as healthy as possible.

This attracts ants too, as they feed on the good fungus, depriving the grass of the good feed coming through the fungus.

Fire Ants Are the Worst

Fire Ants are an aggressive stinging ant species, and they prefer open, sunny areas to choose their upcoming nest colony.

Those ants don’t just create nests or eat fungus, they destroy everything in your ground.

Whenever you encounter fire ants near your lawn, always check the closest local agricultural extension office to let them deal with those monstrous insects, as they can destroy lawns in no time.

How to Deal with Ants?

Let’s start by asserting that it’s always better to carry out preventive measures while caring for your lawn, instead of acting whenever you encounter an ants problem.

Generally speaking, ants are persistent creatures, and so you should be.

Daily checking for anthill sites is a must, especially if your neighbor has reported facing such problems earlier.

Once you encounter an anthill, immediately disrupt their work with a rake.

Moreover, you can easily kill ants with organic methods or insecticides, but let’s make sure they don’t grow in the first place.

This Youtube video suggest a different method in dealing with Ants

What NOT to Do When Dealing with Ants?

  1. Don’t Use Vinegar; Its acidity kills both the ants and the grass.
  2. Don’t Use Salt; It’s a desiccant that kills the ants and the grass as well.
  3. Don’t use chemicals immediately; organic methods are safer for the grass, the soil, the pets, and your family.

Do Ants Eat Grass FAQ


Do Ants Eat Grass? No, but they create nests and dig up piles of soil on the grass that can literally kill it.

Therefore, it’s better to make sure ants don’t come near your lawn by maintaining your lawn on a near-daily basis and checking for anthills on daily basis.

You should always act quickly and deal with them before those little insects become your Lawn’s biggest problem.

In case you have any questions after reading this Lawn Advisors guide, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments section below.

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