How Early is Too Early to Mow?

When you look out over your lawn and notice it’s time to cut it- but have no idea about what is the best time to mow your lawn- you wonder “how early is too early to mow?” or “what would happen if you simply mowed your lawn at the wrong time?”

Lawn Advisors is here to tell you the reasons why it’s important and beneficial to mow the lawn regularly then answer “how early is too early to mow?”. Moreover, you’ll find a list of the times you should and shouldn’t mow your lawn.

Why You Need to Mow the Lawn?

Why You Need to Mow the Lawn

Do you ever wonder why your lawn needs regular mowing? It’s important to mow your lawn properly and once every week. Mowing at the proper height improves the density of the lawn and protects the root system.

The nutrients and water will be absorbed rather than wasted with a healthy root system. Additionally, weeds can be kept out by mowing at the proper height. To ensure that no more than one-third of the leaf blade is removed at a time, mowing should be done frequently enough.

How Early is Too Early to Mow?

Most gardeners concur that the earliest time you should safely mow your lawn is between 8 and 10 am.  That’s because the grass will typically be standing tall and dry at this point. This permits your neighbors to go to work and time for the morning dew to evaporate off your lawn.

Consider this: Your lawn and your neighbors, are living organisms, and react differently to different stimuli! The time of day you mow your lawn should be one of your landscaping considerations if you want it to look its best. Otherwise, cutting your grass at the wrong time can cause stress and disease.

When is the Best Time to Mow the Lawn?

While mowing is a necessary task, there are better times than others to do it. Let’s review the best times to avoid starting too early in the day or during the spring season:

1- Early Morning (6-8 am)

Early in the morning, the grass is still wet with dew.  Your grass may become more vulnerable to fungus and other diseases if you cut it at this time.

Unhealthy organisms that are present in the moisture particles might be absorbed by freshly cut blades. All of these problems make your grass ideal for the growth of mold and fungus.

2- Mid-morning (8–10 am)

Your lawn should be mowed at this time, just after the dew or daily watering has dried off but before it gets really hot.

The grass is dry and standing tall, perfect for an even trim. Make sure your lawn mower blade is sharp, to avoid ragged edges, which may cause your lawn to rejuvenate slowly.

3- Mid-day (10 am-2 pm)

You and your grass will be the most stressed during the hottest time of the day. Cutting the lawn at this time, while it’s actively photosynthesizing and protecting its source of water, could cause it to die as cut blades will lose their moisture and can become dry and dead looking.

This is by far the worst time to trim your grass, even if your neighbors aren’t bothered by it.

4- Mid-afternoon (2-4 pm)

While not perfect, late afternoon is also not the worst time to mow the grass.

Even though the heat may have fallen by mid-afternoon, mowing your grass can still strain your lawn. It is, however, slightly preferable than mowing your lawn in the early morning or early evening.

5- Late-afternoon (4-6 pm)

If you can’t make it mid-morning, early evening is another good time to mow.

Mowing your grass causes less damage to it once the midday temperatures have dropped a bit. Cutting at this time will still give it a few hours to recover before sunset.

6- Early Evening (6-8 pm)

As we mentioned before, avoid mowing the grass late because turf diseases and fungal damage are more likely to happen.

You won’t give your grass a chance to heal before the evening dew sets in if you mow it at this time. As a result, you can expose your lawn to fungus and disease just like you would in the morning.

How Early is Too Early to Mow FAQ

To Wrap Up

There you have it! We think the question of “how early is too early to mow?” has been successfully answered.

All things considered, whether it’s a weekend or not, mid-morning is the ideal time to start mowing your grass (8-10 am). By doing this, you can keep a friendly relationship with your neighbors while also keeping your grass healthy and green.

What time do you mow the grass? Let Lawn Advisors know how you get on in the comments.

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