How Long Does it Take Sod to Root?

Getting a new lawn can be very exciting as you watch your soil turn into lush grass upon sod being installed. But before you enjoy it, you must wait for the sod to establish itself completely.

You don’t have a clear idea of how long does it take sod to root? Will you be stuck avoiding your new sod lawn for weeks? Cleaners Advisor has your answers!

Keep reading this Lawn Advisors article to find out how long does it take for turf to root and what you can do to promote healthy root growth. You will also find more tips that will help you get started on your new lawn!

Factors that May Impact Root Establishment

The speed and health of root development can be affected by many factors. Keep in mind these factors if you want the best results:

1. Seasonality:

In general, sod performs establishes better in warmer temperatures. The sod’s shallow roots should establish in one to two weeks during the summer. However, they may take twice as long to grow in the winter.

2. Type of Turf

Certain grasses require specific climatic conditions in order to grow properly. Additionally, different sod grass kinds might need more or less maintenance. And therefore, If sod varieties are unsuitable for the climate where it is planted, roots may take longer to establish or maybe fail to establish at all.

3. Quality of Sod

Some sod farmers use improved harvesting practices and use higher-quality inputs. Your sod provider should ideally only engage with growers who postpone harvesting until after the order is made. On-demand harvesting ensures that the sod is fresh and of higher quality, which encourages the growth of the roots.

4. Soil Conditions

The soil needs to be prepared properly to provide a good environment for the root systems to grow. The area where the sod will be placed should ideally be fertilized, graded for draining, cleared of old grass and other debris and covered with an ideal layer of topsoil.

How Long Does it Take Sod to Root?

This depends on the type of roots; the faster sod takes root; and many other factors mentioned above. Knowing that sod has two steps to take root in your soil. It will first establish shallow roots before finally establishing deep roots.

1. Shallow Roots

Your sod can start forming shallow roots in around 10 to 14 days with the proper preparation. Start watering your new grass as soon as the sod is in place and keep doing so every day for the next week to ensure healthy shallow root growth.

You should avoid mowing the lawn or stepping on the sod at this time because it is a very sensitive stage.

2. Deep Roots

It takes longer for deep roots to establish. If the turf is properly treated, a deep root system should fully establish itself in 30 to 45 days. Reduce the frequency of watering the turf once the shallow root systems have matured.

The right balance of sun, air and thoroughly watering the turf every other day encourage the sod to put out deeper roots that are responsible for looking for moisture.

If you want to get more information about how long does it take sod to root, watch this video below.

Tips for Laying Sod

You now know how long does it take for sod to take root but how to make it healthy and develop its root systems as quickly as possible? Here are Lawn Advisors tips that you should keep in mind to make sure it is not hindered by drought, disease, or improper preparation:

– Before laying fresh sod, remove any weeds and old grass.

– The same day that your sod arrives, lay it.

– Use a lawn roller to ensure you have good sod-to-soil contact.

– For the first two weeks, water your new sod two times every day.

– Apply an anti-fungal product to your sod to avoid lawn disease.

– Spray your sod with a liquid fertilizer after 3–4 weeks to foster root growth.

– Wait until your sod has shallow roots before cutting it. A premature cut might harm the sod and prevent proper rooting.

Check out this video and learn how to maintain a new lawn.

How Long Does it Take Sod to Root FAQ

To Wrap Up

If you take care of your sod with patience and diligence, your lawn will remain lush and healthy for years to come. Follow Lawn Advisors tips for each of these factors to ensure quick and healthy root growth.

And now, tell us how long does it take sod to root in your lawn in Lawn Advisors comments box below. We’d like to hear!

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