How to Plant a Moss Lawn Correctly – 2023 Step-by-Step Guide

Moss can be formed naturally, for some, that’s music to the eyes, for others, it’s not.

For those interested in the good-looking Moss Lawn, here’s how to plant a moss lawn by yourself, in a correct manner, without much effort.

As you already know, Moss isn’t the same everywhere, sometimes it’s created to look like acrocercops, and other times they’re spreading pluerocarps.

Either way, you’ll have to meet some conditions I’ll explain later in the guide on Lawn Advisors.

Put on your seat belt and gloves “pun intended” and let’s talk about how to plant a moss lawn correctly.

What is Moss Lawn?

Moss Lawn is apparently a Lawn mainly made of moss, which is a natural low-growing, no-root plant.

You may wonder how do moss live? They use their leaves to absorb the water instead of the root in ordinary plants.

It’s a low-maintenance lawn for most moss lovers, and it’s an issue for moss haters, pick your side.

Regardless, moss lawns can provide a catchy sight for the eye, and those are the two main pros that drive people to plant moss lawn.

Pros & Cons of Moss Lawn

Pros of Moss Lawn

  1. Alternative to High Maintenance Grass.
  2. Beautiful Sight for the Eye Providing Rich Color & Texture.
  3. Saves on Water & Fertilizers.
  4. Absorbs Toxins from Wet Areas.

Cons of Moss Lawn

  1. Can Leave Unsightly Patches in Summer.
  2. Attracts Bugs.
  3. Hard to Grow in Sunny Areas.
  4. Keeping It Clean Is a MUST.
How to Plant a Moss Lawn

How to Plant a Moss Lawn


You’ll have to make sure the pH level in the soil is 5.5 first and foremost.

While you’re at it, remove any debris or dirt, and remove the plants in the area too.

Amend the soil until it’s tamped to a leveled surface.


Before planting the moss, my main advice would be to choose the moss type that’s relevant or native to your own area.

This means that it’s set to grow properly and thrive under those relevant conditions.

However, you can still buy moss from nurseries too, while others aim at propagating them into a grinding-up motion where you take care of a nearby moss until it crawls its way into the targeted area.

On a related note, don’t harvest moss from nature.

Step 1: After reaching a pH level of 5.5, cleaning the area of debris, and amending the soil, you’ll need to wet the targeted area, preferably with a sprinkler.

Step 2: Moss isn’t a rooted plant, it only needs to be placed on the soil properly. Place it on the targeted area, and use landscaping pins if needed.

Step 3: Apply slow & light walking on the moss or put light pressure with your hands to make sure it’s sticking down properly, but don’t remove or damage the moss in the process.

Step 4: Keep the moss moist for the whole day of planting, but don’t drown it with water, a state of moisty is enough.


For the first 5-6 weeks of planting, you should water the moss on daily basis, preferably in the evening or the early morning.

You should maintain the moss by putting stepping stones in heavy-traffic areas.

This doesn’t mean it can’t handle light traffic, but it’s about finding the correct ways of maintaining the moss lawn.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Moss Lawn?

The process of planting a moss lawn looks simple and is simple, but it takes more than it may look.

Growing Moss Lawn doesn’t take less than 6-7 weeks at least, and can sometimes take up to 8-10 weeks depending on the weather and other elements.

Moreover, some moss types would take up to a full year to fully flourish, but the average time for a full-grown moss is 6-8 weeks.

How to Plant a Moss Lawn FAQ


Now, you know how to plant a moss lawn, and before that, you’ve already encountered the pros and cons of such lawn type.

It’s better to be grown naturally than to be planted, but it’s still a great addition to your yard if you’re a moss enthusiast.

Either way, this concludes the guide, in case you have any questions on how to plant a moss lawn, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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