Lawn Mower Starter Fluid- Full Guide

It may be difficult to start your lawnmower if it has been unused for a while. Perhaps you neglected some of the maintenance, you missed properly winterizing it, or there is another reason. A regularly used lawn mower should not need starter fluid.

The best simple fix is to use lawn mower starter fluid, so you might start such an engine and diagnose where the problem is.  

In this Lawn Advisors guide, we will walk you through a step-by-step detailed guide to using a lawn mower starter fluid to get it started, and it is surprisingly easy! But you’ll first get to know what is starter fluid and the pros and cons of using it.

What is Starter Fluid?

What is Starter Fluid

Starter fluid is a volatile and extremely combustible liquid made up of diethyl ether, carbon dioxide, and rich hydrocarbon (fuel). Typically, starter fluid is contained inside a spray can that has been pressurized.

When the trigger is pulled, the starting fluid atomizes itself in the direction of the spray in the presence of carbon dioxide. Thus, increasing its tendency to interact with and properly mix with air.

When to Use Lawn Mower Starter Fluid?

When to Use Lawn Mower Starter Fluid

Starter fluid is used to start a difficult-to-start engine. It’s beneficial when the engine is not used frequently and for cold starts, such as in the fall or early spring. You can use it in these cases:

1. Engine Cold Starts

It is possible to improve engine starting in cold weather by using starter fluid. It might be very difficult to start your lawnmower in cold temperatures.

2. Diagnosis of a Starting Problem

Starter fluid can be used to help identify any underlying issues causing your lawnmower to not start and saves a lot of time for you.

Pros of Using Lawn Mower Starter Fluid

– It is beneficial when starting the engine, especially in the winter or cold mornings.

–  It extends battery life and reduces costs for you.

– It works for a more extended period for a lawnmower.

Cons of Using Lawn Mower Starter Fluid

– It is combustible and highly likely to damage your engine.

– Your gasoline engine could become damaged if you use starting fluid frequently. The engine’s cylinder can reach an exceptionally high temperature from the starting fluid.

– Their high compression rate frequently results in the engine igniting too early.

Materials and Tools Needed

You should keep these tools and materials in hand if you want to use the starter fluid on your lawn mower:

  • Wrench set
  • Screwdriver
  • Grip Pliers
  • Collector Pan
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Starter fluid

How to Use Lawn Mower Starter Fluid?

How to Use Lawn Mower Starter Fluid

Follow these steps to start your lawn mower with using starter fluid:

1. By using a screwdriver or Torx driver to loosen the mounting screw, you can remove the air filter housing cover from the mower.

You’ll need a 3/8-inch drive ratchet and socket to remove the upper plastic engine cover on some models. From the housing, remove the air filter.

2. Use a ratchet, screwdriver, or Torx driver to remove the mounting hardware from the air filter housing. Completely remove the air filter housing from the mower’s engine.

Make sure not to damage it as the filter is quite delicate!

3. Clean the foam air filter if you have one. First, carefully tap on any visible debris and mud to remove it. The air filter can be washed or dried-cleaned.

You can use a vacuum to dry clean it if you are in a hurry. Be careful not to damage the air filter. Use some dishwashing soap or detergent to wash it if you have more time. Before applying it, let it thoroughly dry out.

Be careful if you use an air compressor because strong air can quickly damage the air filter. If the foam air filter is damaged or has a paper air filter, it needs to be replaced if you have one.

4. Locate the carburetor where Gas and air from the air filter are combined before being sent to the engine.

Then clean the externals of the carburetor by spraying the carburetor cleaner and cleaning them with some cleaning cloth.

5. Using a clean cloth and some all-purpose cleanser, clean and dry the housing’s backplate.

Then, locate the intake duct where air enters the carburetor.

6. It’s now time to use the starter fluid! Start your mower by gently spraying starter fluid into the carburetor chamber.

If the idle may be adjusted, manually set the engine speed to the middle point. If available, turn the engine choke all the way up.

7. Pulling the starter string or turning the electronic starter key will start the lawnmower. The carburetor has to be adjusted, cleaned, or changed if the lawnmower starts for less than three seconds before stalling.

If the mower starts after three seconds but before 30 seconds, you may be looking at a case of bad fuel or water-saturated fuel.

Here’s how to use lawn mower starter fluid properly.

Lawn Mower Starter Fluid FAQ

To Wrap Up

Using lawn mower starter fluid will help you get the engine started quickly and easily, according to our Lawn Advisors research.

But it shouldn’t always be necessary to use lawn mower starter fluid to start your mower. If the engine still won’t start after cleaning or replacing the gas, air, and fuel filter, spark plug, and carburetor, you could need a new mower.

Did you experience a difficult-to-start engine? Share it with us and tell Lawn Advisors how you dealt with the situation.

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