Lawn Mowers Bags – 5 Best Options on The Market

Lawn Mowers Bags are an integral part of lawn mowing properly, and owning a suitable, effective, and durable one isn’t any less important.

The Lawn Mowers Bags can be damaged after some excessive use, or when you hit them with a sharp object by mistake.

Regardless of the defect cause, you need new lawn mowers bags every now and then, and for that, we’ve prepared this guide at Lawn Advisors.

We’ll talk in length about why you need the Lawn Mowers Bags, what is the price range for Lawn Mowers Bags, and what are the 5 Best Lawn Mowers Bags on the market nowadays, for the best replacement options.

Do Lawn Mowers Need Bags?

Collecting the mowed lawn is the bag’s job, if you don’t attach a lawn mowers bags to your lawn mower, that means the mowed grass will find its way back to the ground again.

However, this means that all you’ve already done is make the lawn messier, more unorganized, and less appealing.

Even with mulching, it has to be carried out with proper prior planning, so as to make it efficient, not just throw the tall grass back on the ground.

Do Lawn Mowers Need Bags? Yes & No. Yes, they need it if you want to get rid of the cut grass, and no if you are planning a mulching operation for your lawn.

Is It Better to Mow with a Bag or Without?

As we’ve said earlier, there’s no definitive answer to this question, as it’s all about your plans, and your lawn needs.

If you don’t have time to fertilize properly, then you may consider mowing without a bag, so that you can recycle the grass back to the ground, while saving yourself the time you don’t have for fertilizing.

It’s an eco-friendly option, but it’s also time and effort-consuming.

If you’ve fertilized your lawn already, then you should just consider mowing into the lawn mowers bags, so that you don’t over-fertilize the lawn and burn it by mistake.

What is the Price Range for Lawn Mower Bags?

Lawn Mower Bags can go as low as 20$, while other expensive options can reach as high as $100.

It’s about quality, durability, compatibility, and your lawn needs.

Bagging vs. Mulching

We’re pretty sure you’ve had this discussion inside your head, should I use the Bagging mode on my lawn mower, or just go for the mulching?

Similar to the “use the bag or don’t” question, it’s based on some variables.

Is the grass longer than usual, and the climate is cooler in your area, while your lawn mower isn’t the strongest? Then you should definitely, mow using the bagging mode.

Otherwise, mulching can work just fine for you.

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Best Lawn Mowers Bags

Here’s a list of the 5 Best Lawn Mowers Bags on the Market in the US:

  1. Keeswin Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Grass Catcher Bag
  2. Grass Bag – by Braveboy
  3. Anti-Tear Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag by Change Moore
  4. Shiosheng Grass Bag
  5. BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag, Grass Catcher Bag

1. Keeswin Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Grass Catcher Bag

Lawn Mowers Bags

Our first and best Lawn Mower Bags are the Keeswin Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Grass Catcher Bags.

They are suitable for most ride-on lawn mowers and zero-turn ones.

It’s economical, lightweight, and durable.

Learn more in the features section below.

Keeswin Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Grass Catcher Bag Features

a. Economical

The Keeswin Bag comes at a pretty economical price that’s lower than $30.

This means that it’s less expensive than more than 80% of the lawn mowers bags on the market.

b. Perfect Customer Ratings

A customer who has already purchased the item you’re looking for is the best candidate to tell you how good/bad it really is, in a practical way.

The Keeswin Bag has been put on the market nearly a month ago but has earned since then 6 ratings with 5-star ratings each.

This means total customer satisfaction for nearly everyone who’s obtained the bag.

Additionally, it ranks #3 in the Grass Catchers & Deflectors category in Amazon US.

c. Lightweight but Durable

This Keeswin Bag weighs only 1.34 pounds, despite its 420D Oxford fabric build.

It has a capacity of 78.7×51.1 inches, which is more than efficient for small and medium-sized yards.

d. Additional Features

The Keeswin Bag comes with double drawstrings that allow for tighter attachment to the tractor.

Moreover, the bag enjoys an end zipper design, providing an easy opening and pouring of the mowed grass into the desired endpoint.

Designers also affirmed that the bag is designed with a mesh vent that allows the airflow coming from the lawn mower to escape the bag, leaving the leaves alone, and maintaining the proper airflow required for mowing.

Customer Reviews for The Keeswin Bag

First of all, there’s a larger bag but more expensive and heavier that can suit larger lawns.

As for the customer reviews, they confirmed that the bag is durable and can endure lengthy use.

However, they also stated that you should empty the bag more often, as it gets extremely heavy once it’s full.

2. Grass Bag – by Braveboy

Lawn Mowers Bags

The second on the list of the best Lawn Mowers Bags is the Grass Bag by Braveboy.

It’s compatible with most walk-behind lawn mower models.

Additionally, it enjoys high customer satisfaction, is lightweight, and provides a list of pros.

Read further in the features section to learn more.

Grass Bag by Braveboy Features

a. Covers Too Many Models

The Grass Bag by Braveboy is by far the one with the most models covered among lawn mowers bags on amazon.

Not only that, but customers have already tried those models and affirmed the manufacturers’ claims.

Check the bag’s amazon page for a deeper look at the models, and check if yours match the bag.

b. High Customer Satisfaction

The Grass Bag by Braveboy has been rated by 60 customers, earning a 4.6/5 star rating, higher than most of the other models.

It’s also picked in Amazon’s Choice, ranking #31 in Grass Catchers & Deflectors category.

c. Lightweight but High Quality

The Grass Bag by Braveboy’s price isn’t as economical as you would’ve hoped, but it’s of a higher quality.

It exceeds the $30 mark we put for economical lawn mowers bags, but it’s still of a high quality that makes up for the price.

It’s also lightweight compared to other models, weighing 1.43 pounds.

Customer Reviews for the Grass Bag by Braveboy

A handful of customers reported that the Grass Bag by Braveboy has worked fine with the enlisted models and types, as nearly 85% of them affirmed the compatibility.

Other customers said it was easy to install, but unpacking the bag hasn’t been as easy due to some plastic components here or there.

3. Anti-Tear Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag by Change Moore

Lawn Mowers Bags

Change Moore’s anti-tear lawn tractor leaf bag ranks 3rd on our list of lawn mowers bags, due to its high customer satisfaction, and long-lasting build.

It’s suitable for most riding lawn mowers, empowered by its durable nylon build.

It’s not as lightweight as the first two on the list, but it has its pros.

Check out its features next.

Anti-Tear Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag by Change Moore Features

a. Reliable & Easy-to-Use

You’d expect most expensive lawn mowers bags to be fancy and good-looking, however, the Change Moore’s anti-tear lawn tractor leaf bag is reliable, easy to use, and as tight as you’d need it to be.

It’s built with a 900D anti-drop Grass Catcher Nylon material for a single goal, that’s providing a reliable touch.

It’s not ranked #5 in Amazon’s Grass Catchers & Deflectors category for no reason, isn’t it?

b. Great Customer Satisfaction

It’s a feat that we don’t choose any lawn mower bag that’s not supported by a high customer satisfaction level.

Our goal is to provide you with the best candidates, and that’s an integral part of it.

The Change Moore’s anti-tear lawn tractor leaf bag has received a 4.5/5 star rating after 14 customers expressed their relief with the bag.

c. Durable Build

Anti-Tear Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag by Change Moore is 5.21 pounds, which is far heavier than all other models on the list.

This has helped the bag enjoy a durable build supported by the ani-tear reusable 900D material and reinforced seams.

Anti-Tear Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag by Change Moore

We would’ve loved to provide you with a summary of the customer reviews it has earned, but unfortunately, they only reviewed it without providing a lengthy statement to support their rating.

4. Shiosheng Grass Bag

Lawn Mowers Bags

Shiosheng Grass Bag is the 4th best lawn mowers bags on the list. It’s suitable for walk behind mowers.

It has earned more ratings than the whole 1st-3rd place bags combined while enjoying an economical price.

It’s a reliable bag according to a handful of users, read more for a deeper explanation of its features.

Shiosheng Grass Bag Features

a. Economical

The Shiosheng Grass Bag is an economical option for those looking for a replacement lawn mowers bag.

It comes at a less than $30 price, which we recommend as an economically reliable replacement.

b. Decent Customer Satisfaction

Shiosheng Grass Bag has provided its customers with a decent level of satisfaction, earning a 4.1/5 star rating on Amazon US.

This is earned after nearly 100 customers submitted their reviews on the bag, expressing gratitude/ingratitude towards the bag.

c. Lightweight & Versatile

Unlike #3 on our list, The Shiosheng Grass Bag weighs only 1.25 pounds, which is lighter 3-4 times than the aforementioned option.

It’s also a replacement bag for a handful of models, you can check them on the products page on Amazon.

The Shiosheng Grass Bag Customer Reviews

Despite the handful of reviews these lawn mowers bags have, it doesn’t have a higher rating than the first 3 options.

Customers reported that the bag shouldn’t be filled to the max, as it becomes heavier.

While others complained that they couldn’t fill more than half of the bag.

Others expressed their satisfaction with the bag, providing it with a 5/5 star review.

5. BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag, Grass Catcher Bag

Lawn Mowers Bags

The last lawn mowers bags option on our list of best bags is the BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag.

It works with most Ride-on lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers.

It ranks high in Grass Catchers & Deflectors category on Amazon, alongside a lightweight build and an economical price.

BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag Features

a. Economical

The 54 cubic-foot bag is an economical choice for those looking to spend as little as they can on lawn mowers bags.

You can obtain the BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag for less than $30, which is our set price for economical lawn mowers bags.

b. Reliable Build

The BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag enjoys a 420D reinforced Double-sided Nylon Fabric.

It has proven -according to multiple users- a reliable build against different day-to-day wear-causing problems, despite its lightweight of 1.91 pounds.

c. Average Customer Satisfaction

Despite its #9 rank in Grass Catchers & Deflectors category on Amazon US, the BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag didn’t receive as higher ratings as you may think.

It only received an average of 3.9/5 stars, out of 150 customer ratings.

BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag Customer Reviews

The 3.9/5 star rating includes a series of bad reviews, where customers complained about the bag’s quality.

They also stated that it gets heavier when it’s nearly full.

However, more customers labeled it as an “inexpensive option” compared to other models.


If you’re looking for the best Lawn Mowers Bags, then this guide has supplied you with 5 options to choose from.

Starting with the first and best option of the Keeswin Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Grass Catcher Bag, which is economical, lightweight, and durable.

And ending the list with the BROSYDA Garden Leaf Bag, which is another inexpensive and well-built option for bags replacement.

Do you have any other options in mind? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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