Where Do Weeds Come From? Easy to Understand Causes in One Guide 2022

Where Do Weeds Come From

Weeds are not the friendly creature you’d want to have contact with every morning. You’d want your lawn to be problem-free, full of green colors, healthy, and good-looking. On Contrast, weeds come to change that. So, where do weeds come from? Why does my healthy and cared-for lawn face those troublesome creatures? Weeds are opportunistic … Read more

Weeds That Look Like Grass – Most Common 10 Weed Types & How to Identify Them

Weeds That Look Like Grass

Your Lawn can be invaded by different species of weeds, pests, insects, fungi, and other hard-to-notice creatures. It’s easy to spot some of those weeds and creatures, but others take the same look as the grass. Weeds that look like grass are harder to find, which gives them a leeway towards establishing themselves further in … Read more

Common Lawn Weeds in Michigan – Top 10 Most Popular and How To Counter Them

common lawn weeds in michigan

Michigan is surrounded by lakes in 3 directions and resides in the great lakes region of the upper midwestern US. Moreover, it’s the 11th largest state by area. Those geographical stats allowed Michigan to be the home to many weed types. Therefore, at Lawn Advisors, we’ve collected the most common lawn weeds in Michigan, organized … Read more

Common Weeds in Georgia – Top 10 Most Common and How to Counter Them

common weeds in georgia

Georgia’s terrain spans coastal beaches, farmland, and mountains, enabling the Georgians to enjoy the diversity of plants & grass all season long. With hundreds of different grass & plant types that find a home in the Georgian environment, different weed types shall appear too. In this Lawn Advisors guide, you’ll have a closer look at … Read more

Yellow Flower Weed in Lawn – Most Popular 10 Types with Removal Methods

Yellow Flower Weed in Lawn

Weeds are known to be aggressive survivalists who compete mercilessly for the grass’ essential water, sunlight, and feed. Yellow Flower Weed in Lawn is no different, once you encounter this form of weed, you’ll need to keep in mind certain precautions, and prepare yourself to fight them back. It’s a must-win battle against the Yellow … Read more

Small Holes in Lawn Overnight: Main Causes & Fixes For Each Cause 2022

small holes in lawn overnight

Finding small holes in lawn overnight or even during the day can point towards a handful of probabilities, from snakes to moles and other pests. Those holes can turn your beautiful lawn into an unsightly area. They also damage the grass, potentially destroy the lawn, and be dangerous for kids and pets to wander freely … Read more