Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed – What Will Happen? Will It Die?

You might have heard that watering newly seeded grass is the most important step of gardening, right? It may be, and it can be.

However, one day came and you missed a day of watering grass seed, is it the end of the world? It may be, and it can be.

But we’re here to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, you missed a day of watering grass seed, but we’ll get you to the bottom of this unintentional mistake at Lawn Advisors.

In this guide on Lawn Advisors, we’ll discuss how we can make missing a day of watering a normal act that won’t turn your efforts futile, and provide you with better alternatives that keep reminding you of your mandatory daily watering routine.

Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed: What Happens to the Ground?

You don’t want to miss days due to an easy-to-remember watering task, do you?

Sometimes, overloaded work tasks can be too much to handle, or you have to sleep outside the home for a night or two.

Regardless, it can happen, and the grass seed will receive no watering for a full day, what would happen then?

In the first couple of hours, nothing happens, but as the soil remains dry and lacks the required moisture, the grass will have to react.

Now, the grass will pause its germination progress, until the needed moisture level is restored.

Once you act and water the grass seed again – in a perfect way we’ll explain later in this Lawn Advisors guide-, only then the grass will resume the germination progress.

Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed

Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed 

Nervous, ha? Don’t worry, if you Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed for 1 day only, then you’re fine, just fine.

However, never miss more than a single day, as missing 2 or more days will most certainly kill the seeds you’re trying to grow.

The worst part is not there yet, as you’ll need to restart again from scratch.

You’ll have to feel sorry for missing 2 days only, and re-start by preparing the soil, aerating, …etc.

Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed… What’s the Solution? What to Do?

Told you not to worry, right? It’s an easy fix.

All you need to do is water the grass seed again, this time a bit deeper, and at the most appropriate of times.

No need to double watering chores or re-fertilize or anything, it’s just that you need to water the grass seed again.

What Should I Do So I Don’t Miss Another Day of Watering?

Here are a number of precautions in case you missed a day of watering by accident or due to a busy schedule:

  1. Create a Timely Irrigation System.
  2. Set Alarms for Watering Routines.
  3. Hire a Professional When You’re Busy.
  4. Have a Friendly Neighbor? Ask for his Help.

Common Mistakes When You Miss a Day of Watering Grass Seed

  1. Don’t Give up too early and aim at starting all over again.
  2. Don’t try to make up for the missed day by watering at night.
  3. Don’t drown the grass seed in water.
  4. Don’t add many fertilizers to help the grass grow faster and make up for the missed day.

Best Watering Routines

Wondering what the best watering routines are so you can make the best out of your freshly planted seeds?

First Routine: Water the grass seed 2-3 times a day; 5-15 minutes every time.

This routine suits warm weather and proper sunlight.

Second Routine: Water the grass seed 4-5 times a day; 5-10 minutes every time.

This routine is perfect for drier weather, as the soil is more likely to dry faster, hence the need for more watering chores.

As for the best time for watering the seeds, regardless of the weather, it’s in the morning.

Why? It’s the most active time for the seeds to grow, with the help of sunlight & nutrients.

The worst time for watering the seeds as we explained earlier is at night, as it slows down the grass seed’s growth significantly.

Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed
Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed

Why Is It Important to Water Daily?

We’ve talked about how disastrous a couple of days of watering will be for the grass seed, then why is it important to maintain a daily watering routine?

This daily watering routine is important to create an environment inciting the seeds to continue growing non-stop.

Additionally, watering daily allows the grass seed to survive different soil complections, and weeds, as it keeps the seed fed regardless of the environment, according to Lawn Advisors testing.

Do you need to water daily forever? No. Only keep that routine up until the seedlings are 2 inches~6cm tall.

Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed FAQ


You don’t have to worry if you Missed a Day of Watering Grass Seed, just get back to work as soon as you’re ready instead of panicking, and re-water the grass seed in the morning.

We’ve also provided you with a list of common mistakes to avoid after missing a day at Lawn Advisors, with some ways to remind yourself of the important watering chores.

Do you have any questions in mind? Feel free to ask us in Lawn Advisors comments section below.

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