My Lawn Is All Weeds – Most Popular Causes & Fixes

Have you ever entered your yard and screamed internally “My Lawn is All Weeds”? This guide by Lawn Advisors shall give you 

If you have ever stepped outside, looked at your lawn, then screamed internally “My Lawn Is All Weeds,” then you’ve come to the right place to discuss that disaster.

This could happen due to a handful of causes, mistakes, reasons, and more.

Don’t beat yourself up over that, as by the end of this Lawn Advisors guide you’ll be able to master the fixes, know the causes, and have an open mind about the whole situation instead of a fearful one.

Before discussing the problems, the causes, and the fixes, keep in mind that the trick to restore your healthy lawn is getting rid of the weeds without destroying your grass.

My Lawn Is All Weeds

My Lawn Is All Weeds: What’s the Problem?

You’ve just gone outside and seen what you saw, you’ll notice how the weeds are taking control of your yard.

The invasion hurts the eyes, as the lovely-looking grass is now all weeds.

A handful of bare spots can be seen through the yard.

Even the grass which always looked so green is now yellowish at best.

This can be caused by a handful of causes we’ll get into next, but we have 2 pieces of advice for you: don’t act hastily & don’t panic.

My Lawn Is All Weeds: What Caused the Problem?

Here are the main reasons that can help the weeds take full control of your lawn:

  1. Under/Overwatering.
  2. Choosing the Wrong Grass/Soil.
  3. Improper Lawn Care.
  4. Over Fertilizing.
  5. Grass Mowning Gone Wrong.
  6. Used the Wrong Weed Killer.

Those are the main reasons that can lead to a weed invasion.

However, those aren’t the only causes of your dilemma, faulty irrigation system, trees with so many fallen leaves, and other creatures, they can all be part of the problem when it comes to your problem of “My Lawn is All Weeds.”

My Lawn Is All Weeds: How to Fix It?

Hard as it may seem, the battle against the weed’s invasion is a must-win.

We’ll gear you up with the best weapon ever: “Knowledge.”

Why is that? Weeds can be hard to deal with, turn your yard from a beautiful green place to an unsightly one, and damage other trees.

Fixing the “My Lawn is All Weeds” problem will include the following steps: Tilling, Raking, Dethatching, Aerating, Reseeding/Overseeding, Watering, and Maintaining.

Our fix at Lawn Advisors will be to start all over with your lawn, since fighting the weeds in a spot-by-spot manner will only cost you time, effort, and money, without it being the most effective process.

Tilling the Lawn

Tilling the lawn should take place as soon as you want to start fixing the problem.

You can use an electric or cordless machine for the job, and you can rent one for a single day of work.

Tilling will allow you to root up both the grass & weeds and help you start all over.

Do you have spots that haven’t been affected by weeds and you’re 100% sure they are safe? Raking shall work fine there, to remove debris and fallen leaves.

Looking for Advice on How to Protect Your Lawn After Removing Weeds? Check this article!

Dethatching the Lawn

Dethatching means cutting away thatch, in order to improve the overall health of your lawn.

This process will help improve the water drainage inside the soil, allow more air into the whole lawn, and provide better sunlight in case the thatch was standing in the way.

Aeration the Lawn

When it comes to aeration, it means you’ll be providing the soil with extra air, oxygen, and nutrients.

How so? Aeration will involve creating more paths for water, air, and nutrients to dive deeper into the soil, by using a machine called “Aerator.”

Aeration will help the new lawn become healthier in less time when done correctly.

Reseed & Overseed

Now, you’ve paved the way -pun intended- for the new grass, start by reseeding the new seed.

Make sure to check the seed’s package, and make sure they don’t have any weeds of any sort in the package, this is an overlooked step.

Overseed your lawn, it won’t hurt, but it’ll help you get the greeny-beautiful look back.

Water Properly & Maintain

Watering properly is the main daily job you’ll need to carry out wisely and on point if you want your newly-seeded lawn to receive the proper feed.

Check the “Watering Properly & Wisely” section in our guide, to make sure you achieve much-needed success.

Maintaining your lawn is not a single step to carry out and then leave, it’s a long process of full of day-by-day lawn care.

For instance, this is how to maintain artificial lawn.

My Lawn Is All Weeds FAQ


Now we’ve turned the “My Lawn Is All Weeds” problem into a challenge, a challenge you can easily prevail in, and a challenge you must win.

You have a list of how the problem looks, what may cause it, and how to fix it once and for all.

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