How to Spot Snake Holes in Yard and How to Counter Them

Hearing from a neighbor that there are snakes inhabiting the area can ring all the alarm bells in my mind.

Finding snake holes in yard will ring more alarm bells that I can ever imagine or endure.

However, after knowing how to spot them safely, and how to counter them without facing any dangers, it had me resting for a bit.

In this guide on Lawn Advisors, I’ll be explaining in detail what I did when I spotted snake holes in yard, and how I made sure I’m safe all the way until I managed to get rid of them.

Before we discuss anything, prepare your protective gear of boots, gloves, and long sticks, and make sure you’re not getting yourself any face-to-face encounters with any snakes.

In this guide, I’ll take you on a trip to the world of snake holes, what they look like, how to determine the presence of a snake nearby, and how to get rid of those snake holes in yard.

What Do Snake Holes Look Like?

Recognizing what snake holes in yard look like is the first step towards countering the presence of snakes.

Snake holes have circular openings, but they differ in the diameter and depth since it will different from a snake type to another.

Generally speaking, holes can be found hidden under logs, embedded in grass, undenearth piles ot dirt, and in any tall-grassy area.

I’ve seen this video on Youtube like 10 years ago, and I still fear the sound and footage:

How to Determine if There Are Snakes in the Yard?

You might find a snake hole in your yard, but that doesn’t imply that you will 100% find snakes in the yard.

Sometimes it’s just an old hole, or the snake has left your yard a day earlier.

Either way, it’s not an easy task to determine if there’s a snake inhabiting your yard, unless there is physical evidence to support that.

This includes checking the yard for snake skin or feces.

The snake skin can indicate the type and size of the snake, asking a snakes professional will be of a great use.

However, feces’ size determines the size of the snake to a huge extent, the larger the snake the larger its feces.

The feces’ location also indicates its path, use that piece of information.

Encountered Snake Holes in Yard? Don’t Go There Immediately

I was too afraid to encounter any kind of snakes after spotting the snake holes in yard.

To collect information and stay safe after encountering a snake or a snake hold, please setup cameras near the area, and check for snake’s activity.

Whenever the snake moves in or out of the hole, or moves around the yard, you’ll be able to determine the snake’s type/routine, without getting too close.

Are Snake Holes in Yard a Sign of Danger?

It’s pretty unlikely you’ll encounter a venomous yard snake, and you’ll face a normal grass snake of some sort.

Those snakes feed off cockroaches, crickets, rats, and pests.

They may seem beneficial for the yard, but no one likes the presence of snakes near their home, regardless of the potential benefits.

Therefore, continue to learn more about how I got rid of snake holes in yard safely.

Snake Holes in Yard

How to Get Rid of Snake Holes in Yard?

Before encountering the snake holes, I always felt a shivering chill down my spine whenever I hear about snakes.

However, this isn’t the case anymore, since all I had to do was counter them safely.

First of all, don’t try to pick the snake up regardless of how prepare you may think you are. Leave that part to professional exterminators & wildlife control.

Secondly, know that the snake holes offer cool and dark shelter for snakes to find homage there, until they feel hungry looking for a prey.

Therefore, check the cameras and make sure the snake you encountered isn’t inside the hole, as disturbed snakes inside their holes are more dangerous when attacked.

Now, cover the snake holes with a small pile of dirt, others would advice using netting, burlap or even wires.

I used dirt and it worked wonders.

The main point is to not create another pile of perfect environment for the snakes once again, all you need to do is fill the hole and create level ground over it, so that you’ve dumped her home with dirt and it has nowhere else to shelter in the yard.

Afraid? Call Professional Exterminator

You may have not gathered the time and energy or the courage to deal with such fearful situation, and it’s totally okay.

Now, call professional exterminator or wildlife control professionals in your area, nothing is wrong with calling for help.

Most important thing is you stay safe until they arrive, and offer them all the information you’ve gathered, so as to help them carry out the correct snakes removal.

Prevention Time: How to Prevent Snakes from Entering My Yard?

We’ve already established how the perfect environment for a snake would be, start by making sure they don’t have this environment available in your yard.

They like to live in tall grassy areas? Mow the lawn shorter.

Snakes feed off cockroaches, crickets, rats, and pests? Counter them and make sure they don’t live by masses near you.

Eliminating their food sources & disrupting their “perfect environment” can lead to driving them away off your yard safely.

Snake Holes in Yard FAQ


I encountered a dreadful issue with the appearing of snake holes in yard. However, I managed to counter the problem properly, and shared my story with you.

In case you encountered similar issue, let us know in the comment section below.

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